Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ways to Pray for Your Husband

As a Christian, I'm a big believer in prayer. As a Christian wife, I'm in favor of praying for my husband. This list is by no means complete, but these are some prayer prompts to cover your husband in prayer.

Ways to Pray for Your Husband

1. Thank God for your husband. I once read something online that really made me think: What if the only things you have tomorrow are the things that you thank God for today? Since then, I have thanked God daily for my husband. Thanking God for your husband helps you stay grateful for him.

2. Pray for upcoming events. If your husband has a report that's almost due, lift it up in prayer. If he's going to spend time with his guy friends, pray for their safety. Lift up your husband's activities as a way to pray for him.

3. Pray for his character & faith. Take time to thank God for your husband's positive character traits. Silently pray for areas you feel may not be as strong.

4. Pray for his body. Ask God to protect your husband's body & to keep it healthy.

5. Pray for your marriage. Ask God to show you things you need to change.

What are ways that you pray for your husband?

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