Monday, January 19, 2015

My Review of Choosing Him All Over Again by Juana Mikels

I was given the opportunity to be on the blogger launch team for "Choosing Him All Over Again". This is a wonderful (true) story of redemption by Juana Mikels. I received an early PDF of the book to read & review, so without further ado, here is my review.

It came out on Amazon on December 10th (2014) and in other places in January 5th, 2015.

I was first intrigued by the cover of this book, because Elisabeth Elliot is one of my heroes of the faith & she endorsed Juana's book. Juana gives her back story, tells of her separation, and eventually reconciliation. She is incredibly open with her past, her sins, & her mistakes that brought her marriage down. Her book is divided into three sections: The Old Life, The New Life, and The Life of Faith & Marriage.

While this book is specifically written for a Christian wife with a non-Christian husband (or a husband who isn't acting like a Christian) or separated spouses, I found it to be very useful for my marriage as well. Juana's book is full of godly advice, intriguing quotes by other Christians, and references to the best book of all: the Bible.


Juana references other books we can read about Christian marriage & Christian reconciliation and she emphasizes the importance of finding godly counselor to help navigate a separation.

Juana writes about the importance of being obedient to God & obeying your husband in the little things. Her book nudges women to cater to their husband's preferences, instead of ignoring his requests. She encourages women to prioritize God first, then their husband (& home), and finally others. 

I loved the resources this book had to offer. Juana gives 9 areas you can focus on during a separation & reconciliation in your marriage. The book gives 11 checkpoints to refresh your marriage and prayers you can pray for your husband.

For those who are interested in getting "Choosing Him All Over Again" by Juana Mikels, there is a FREE study guide at Ambassador International.

So for those interested in reading a Christian book on separation & reconciliation, or just looking to improve your marriage, I recommend Juana Mikels' book Choosing Him All Over Again.

Anonymous, I couldn't post this reply as a comment or a reply to your comment for some reason, but here is my reply to your comment:

This is Juana's story and her experience does not include domestic violence, so I did not expect her to talk about it. My interpretation of this book was that marriage is worth fighting & working for, even though society doesn't value working through problems. Since Juana's story is one of seperation & reconciliation (without abuse in the mix), she writes about what she knows and not about what she didn't experience. While this book doesn't specifically address domestic violence, it does talk about not enabling self-destructive and family-destructive choices.
A quick online search for Christian resources for abused spouses turns up many results such as:
-Liz O' the Niche

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  1. The book makes no distinction to the rule of "obeying your husband" even if he is an unbeliever. The book does not address the issue of domestic violence in the home.'I believe this can be harmful if not dangerous. Marriage seems to be idolized at the expense of the safety of the believing spouse who often suffers abuse at the hands of a wicked husband.