Monday, August 5, 2013

Praising at the City Gates

In Biblical times, business was conducted at the city gates. The Proverbs 31 lady behaved in such a way that her husband was respected at the city gate. Today, I am praising my husband at the closest equivalent to the city gates...the internet.
My hubby is a wonderful guy.

His generosity without strings attached is inspiring and something I aspire to incorporate into my own life.
His people-focused nature reminds me that people are more important than tasks.
He's willing to leave his comfort zone.
He's riding a horse for the second time in his memory because I wanted us to ride horses.
He works hard, providing our family with income.
He does acts of service which lets me know I'm loved. (i.e. doing the dishes or taking out the trash as a surprise).
He carries the heaviest and bulkiest bags and bundles when traveling to spare my back.
He's holding a snake because I thought it would be a great picture.
He's willing to carry in laundry and groceries to save me trips to the car.
His handsomeness, although not a characteristic of his personality, is off the charts.
He's playful.
It's mine!!!
He's sweet.
He's encouraging.
He's my favorite spouse.

All in all, I am proud of my husband. I love my husband. I respect my husband. I enjoy my husband. I am blessed to have my husband.

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