Monday, April 30, 2012

A Beginning

Sometimes there is a difference between the cautious/safe/ reliable option and the fun thing option. For instance, if I follow the brownie recipe exactly, I am mostly certain my brownies will turn out normal, but if I add peanut M & Ms to the batter, the brownies might be delicious or might be a flop.

This blog is the written equivalent of adding M & Ms to the batter: I have been writing M & Ms (songs, journals, skits, monologues, poems, testimonies, and devotionals), but I have been wary of mixing them into my batter (my public life). From time to time, I share a M & M with a small group of friends, but I have rarely tossed a handful in my batter to see what would come of it.

As a believer (Christian), I am on an on-going quest to become more like Christ each day. As a human, I get distracted, get it wrong, and get comfortable with no growth. I don't promise to have all of the answers, but I am learning, being challenged, and growing. Some of the lessons that I am learning and will be learning will make their way onto this blog. I am predicting that future blogs will be examining the meaning behind the traditional Christian holidays: why they're practiced, what they meaning, and when they're held, because that's what I'm researching at the present.

So how do M & Ms in brownies taste?

Delicious and crunchy. :-)

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